The young man who decided to be designer after seeing Madonna’s Drowned World Tour is in charge from today with the french house Léonard’s revival, succeding designer Véronique Leroy.

Fascinated by Jean Paul Gaultier’s sense of costumes and creation, he got his first internship there. After working also for Dior (in charge with the embroideries) and Balenciaga, he decides to create his own label in 2008 and presents his first 10 creations next year, in April 2009 at the Hyeres Festival.

Since, Maxime made the difference with strong pieces and a new arhitecture of the cloth, embelished with embroidery, prints and a long shaped silhouette.

Actresses Mélanie Laurent, Rachel McAdams, Leighton Mesteer and Blake Lively as well as Beyonce on her last album “4” are some of the celebrities dressed by him.