Beautiful hair means several things :
– to nourish it properly
– to wash it properly
– to handle it properly.
For the first point one has to eat healthy. It means knowing where to find proteins, vitamins, iron or Omega 3, all those “hair nourishments” essentially to our best looks.
Hair is keratine aka proteins, so no secret :
1. You need to eat fish. At least 1,2 gramms/ kilogram weight (up to 1,8 gramms if you are vegetarian or very actif) 2-3 times a week.
2. All B Vitamins, from B1 to B12: that wheat bran, oat bran, whole wheat bread.
3. C Vitamin increases the amount of hair and therefore reduces the loss – eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Take a special care if you smoke, as nicotine reduces the C vitamin level in your body.
4. A Vitamin is the one regenerating the cells in your skull skin: look after egg yolk, but also coco nuts, carrots, spinach and dairy products. Remember, Vitamin A is especially usefull when breast feeding.
5. Iron is increasing hemoglobin and therefore helps better oxygenating your hair and is vital for the regrowth. Some chocolate will do, as well as red meat, red beans, oat and quinoa. Take care especially if you have an abundant period, doing an endurance sport or are pregnant.
6. Lentils and other beans are the jackpot for your hair, as they contain proteines, B Vitamins and zinc. This last one prevents hair loss, stimulates the growth and makes hair shine (beans are also very healthy for your hearth, you can replace most of the meat with them).
7. Good fat means oil. Olive oil, but also linseed and hemp oil are not only allied to heart health. They also bring the Omega 3 you need to improve the hair texture and enhance the shine of it. This is why they are so much used in hair cosmetics.
8. E Vitamin promotes hair growth by supporting the blod circulation nourishing your scalp. In addition to being anti-inflamatory and cardio-protecting, it will ensure beautiful hair. Use almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts to enrich your menu.
9. Oysters are the stars ! This time not for seduction, but they are rich in zinc, an oligo-element reinforcing your immune system and … the hair fibre ! It is also the case for other sea food types.
10. Last but not least you need algae, seaweed (kelp, kombu, wakame, … ) because they are real goldmines with their high content of zinc and Vitamins A, B and C. These marine wonders support hair growth while being low in calories.

Second point – to wash it as it needs. Look at Granny’s beauty hair tips 1.

Third point – be careful when you buy your hairbrush. It must be a soft one, with metal or wooden pins, as plastic would produce static electricity, not good at all for your hair. Newest specialists even say that better than any brush or comb is to “brush” your hair with your fingers !
Could you know better ?

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