It is hard to write about someone you really like, but you have not met.
When you wake up, on a Monday morning and the first thing you hear while turning on the radio is how that person died, the whole day gets unreal.

I’ve never been a fan of someone or something. I never had my star / actor / singer I-ll-die-for-him-kind-of-crush as a teenager, where I would dress up like an idol or spy every little thing about him or her.

Bowie started as a joke with my sister, while watching a video on MTV. It was Let’s dance.
We use to call him Davis Bouvier with a french accent, a private joke between us.
Bowie was intriguing, different and with definitely very strange taste in fashion.
I strongly disliked Bowie’s early 70’s style, I didn’t get it as an 80’s child, if it wasn’t a catchy dance tune. I didn’t see the point in his ambiguous and androgen look, as George Michael, Richard Gere or Kevin Costner where the IT boys and I was student at a fashion school.
Later, when I could understand a complex artist, I was amazed to discover how Bowie knew to recreate himself while not taking it too serious, as an interesting and many layered personality. Of course I knew him with Let’s dance, China Girl and his Tina Turner duet in Tonight which, even today, starts as one of my all time favourite duets.

It is been said that Bowie loved mystery and mastering his appearance, thought even he knew how to stage his death… That he prepared his last moments to stick to the alien legend he created.
I didn’t know him and my biggest regret will always be that I didn’t rush to see him live, but I would like to keep the image of an elegant and discreet artist about his personal life while enjoying a flamboyant and experimental scene style, in times when superstars show an almost orgasmic pleasure to transform every personal moment in a public acclaimed show.
Somehow, there is a little bit of Bowie in all of us.

Photos courtesy of:
David Bowie by Masatoshi Sukita
Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2013
David Bowie by Juergen Duerrwald/EPA
Getty Image Terry O’Neil