When I was a child, Dallas was the ultimate experience on a Saturday evening.
Mainly because I wasn’t allowed to watch it, at 20h00 children were in bed, not in front of the TV.
I could watch my parents getting ready to receive their friends, preparing amazing pizza and tasty starters, fine wine or beer, while the TV had no sound and ABBA was playind cheerfully in the background.
When the well known Dallas intro song started, I had to leave for my bed, but kept in mind the glittering mirror-like skyscrapers who seemed to be huge sequins.
In the 90’s, when the new Dallas came out and I was a teenager, I looked at it and the plot with superiority – hmm, I use to know the original, not this pale survivor struggling with ratings.

But a couple of days ago, looking for typical 70’s and 80’s outfit details, far from the fashion praised in MTV shinny videos, I was happy to meet again Pamela, Sue Ellen or the Ewing boys and look at them with my 2015 eyes.