This time I decided I will rather make a kind of moodboard regarding the Gala UAD 2016 and it took me quite some time before I could reduce it all to the key moments. The Gala UAD, one of the essential fashion events in Romania, is the University of Art and Design from Cluj ceremony where students from Master and Licence degree present their very first collections. There is ambition, lot of talent and a highly professional preparation ensured by the great team backstage, coordinated by Fashion Designer and lecturer Lucian Broscatean and Elena Basso Stanescu, director of Fashion department.
So, roughly, it looked like that – I say “roughly” because when I started to write down all the memorable moments, of course I realized that the frame was too small.
Anyhow, here it is – and I had such a great time doing it, that I guess I’ll repeat the experience next time.


But 2016 UAD gala was also about:

– Lovely Noemi Meilman presenting her new Book Cover Tees 8 Collection (yes, I caught her quick final bow :-))


– A wedding tree at the restaurant where we had lunch


– The collections signed by Daniela Tamas, Smaranda Buc, Nicoleta Botnaru, Alina Lipotchi and Evelin Demeter

Daniela Tamas

Daniela Tamas, photo by Emil Costrut

Evelin Demeter

Evelin Demeter, photo by Emil Costrut

Crina Rusu

Crina Rusu, photo by Emil Costrut

– Dancing until 3 am and killing both my shoes + feet


Credit photos UAD: Emil Costrut