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Good night, signora Sozzani…

  This is one of the most surprising news of this year. And a really sad one. Next to the one about Bowie or Alan Rickman leaving us earlier this year. I guess signora Sozzani wanted to move and live in a rainbow and watch us from out there. An extraordinary woman that I admired and considered as an inspiration since my first steps into real fashion, when I learned about her as I saw her in the front row of a…

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Christmas time 2016 in Paris

Some days ago a swiss friend sent me a pirate video clip currently circulating on the net: old videos of riots that took place some ten or more years ago were edited and presented like images of an actual attack of immigrants on the capital of France. Violent street scenes terrorise a scared population with police incapable of handling the situation. The title was  “Paris occupied by immigrants – the media keeps silent”. As streets in Paris don’t resemble at all…

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The first carbon dress constructed like a beemer: the interview with the designers

I say a lot that a car is “sexy”. And usually I say it about a dress, too. But if a dress would be not just as sexy, but as resistant and daring as the most innovative car? Therefore, when I found out that a couple of designers created a dress using the same carbon fibre found in the BMW i3 and BMW i8, I wanted to talk to them. And I asked Felder & Felder sisters about the process and their…

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Happy birthday, Madge

As a teenager I had a fascination with Madonna like a lot of other girls my age – she had no voice, was not a beauty, no particular artistic talent beside being very bold and dressing in a great way long before she got surrounded by stylists or fashion designer friends to polish her choices and looks.  Of course I would have loved to shock and get dressed like her in class, but at 10 years old that would have been…

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