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Skincare versus makeup?

I read some days ago about the indian groom who recently sued his fresh wife because without make-up she didn’t look at all as the girl he married. This reminded me some make-up conversations I used to have a short while ago with girlfriends. Well, I certainly don’t want my man to have the shock of his life while seeing me natural! I’m often asked about make-up and beauty care French tips. It’s true that in France it’s all about…

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Granny’s beauty tricks

I could make it short – to age with grace and look good there are three capital rules : – keep clean – keep hydrated – sleep enough In my family I certainly was lucky – I never had pimples! Freckles yes, and very proud of them. My father always said : “a woman without freckles is like a sky without stars”. But I had and have a very dry skin. Not only on my face, but all over my…

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Granny’s water tips

When I ended my university studies I worked in a national institution where a large library brought at our disposition many, many magazines. They taught me how to rince and keep clean the cells of the body with ca 3 litres of liquid every day (not alcoholic beverage). This way the cells (and consequently we) age slower. Much slower and in good shape. That was my goal ! I began to measure and drink – it was not at all…

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Granny’s beauty hair tips 2

Beautiful hair means several things : – to nourish it properly – to wash it properly – to handle it properly. For the first point one has to eat healthy. It means knowing where to find proteins, vitamins, iron or Omega 3, all those “hair nourishments” essentially to our best looks. Hair is keratine aka proteins, so no secret : 1. You need to eat fish. At least 1,2 gramms/ kilogram weight (up to 1,8 gramms if you are vegetarian…

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Granny’s beauty hair tips 1

As a student, I used to wear very long hair. My hair is straight, but fine – you know the type when the number of hair is ok, but they are so fine that no hairdresser can make a single lock last for more than 10 minutes. I was a little worried because, if I was very proud of it, in my family nobody had strong, healthy hair. Father (and later my brother) lost most of it before the age…

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Heaven is a place on Earth

A white house kindred with a luxurious Hercule Poirot setting, next to the Otopeni airport. Tall Renaissance paintings with angels welcoming you like a good wish in the living room as well as in the refined care cabins – you arrived at Belle Maison Spa. Cole Porter, tea with  ginger and home-made formula biscuits or a tray with fresh fruits and in the sunny days, a cosy swimming pool. Sorina, gentle and delicate, takes care about all your beauty worries…

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