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How Christmas 2017 windows look in Paris

This is an exercise I enjoy doing every year since four years now, right before the holiday season. I take a close look at the Christmas windows of Paris department stores as well as different luxury brands to see who’s got the most creative and innovative concept. Since forever, Christmas windows are a big challenge and the perfect occasion to surprise us, the potential customers and to celebrate the winter collection with a selection of carefully planned products and accessories….

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5 contemporary jewelry brands you’ll love for Christmas

I took a holiday from my blog and my english posts, but with Christmas around the corner, I realize that I have a lot of things and news to tell and especially share with you. And that I’m eager to tell you about it. So, this is part one of my Christmas ideas, this time focused on French and British jewelry brands I like to follow. Don’t worry, I kept an eye on some quite budget friendly pieces 😉  …

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Maison Louis Vuitton – avanpremieră la Place Vendôme

Dormind sau cu ochii deschiși ați avut vreodată visul acela în care sunteți singuri într-un mare magazin și puteți încerca orice? Haine, pantofi, parfumuri, să vă ascundeți în spatele tejghelei și să mergeți oriunde fără să vă ceară nimeni socoteală și să vă ascundeți în cabina de probă să încercați un teanc de lucruri? Cam așa m-am simțit săptămâna trecută când am vizitat în plin Paris Fashion Week ultima adresă de retail de pe harta Vuitton, situată vis-à-vis de recent renovatul…

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The first carbon dress constructed like a beemer: the interview with the designers

I say a lot that a car is “sexy”. And usually I say it about a dress, too. But if a dress would be not just as sexy, but as resistant and daring as the most innovative car? Therefore, when I found out that a couple of designers created a dress using the same carbon fibre found in the BMW i3 and BMW i8, I wanted to talk to them. And I asked Felder & Felder sisters about the process and their…

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