When one thinks of japanese food in Europe, sushi, sashimi or maki always come first on one’s mind.

Not far from the Opera Garnier, close to metro Pyramide, well known rue Sainte Anne always offeres the lovers of real japanese food a good variety of traditional japanese restaurants. A few months ago a friend showed introduced me to a modest restaurant, small and simple on two levels and loaded. With nothing offered of what we are used to with in a usual japanese food place – not one slice of raw fish! – here the only meat is pork and seafood – all well cooked.

The Chef prepared the house speciality right in front of us, the famous Okonomyaki, a speciality from Osaka and Hiroshima, a very tasty omlette / pancake / pizza style of a dish. Okonomyaki stands for « whatever you wish » and can be prepared to choice by the Chef with either cuttlefish, sea food, pork, cabbage, cheese, egg or chopped onion served on a hot plate and dressed with a thick soja sauce.

The Okonomyaki menu is at about 13 euro, and comes accompanied by a Miso soupe and small salad.

Aki serves not only a variety of Okonomyaki, but also Yakisoba, the delicious fried noodles I much enjoyed on my stay in Asia, and Katsudon, the very tasty crispy breaded deep-fried pork cutlet dish. It is true that the place is crowded because of the quality of the cuisine. On top of that the service is quick, the waiters – most Japanese – are extremely polite and their service very attentive even when overwhelmed by demands and clients. The restaurant works as fast and prompt as any food place in Japan.

With the checks paid at the ground floorr, one can dine at the bar at the lower-ground floor if one wishes, while having the food prepared right under the eyes.

Highly recommended!


Okonomyaki specialities
11 bis, rue Sainte-Anne
75001 Paris
tel: (+ 33 ) 01 42 97 54 27
métro: Pyramides

Okonomyaki classique recipe


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