Happy Days diner was discovered by chance, on a very cold sunday morning, when I was looking desperatelly for a cosy place to brunch in Le Marais. At Le pain quotidien, one of my favourite spots, there was a queue of at least 30 minutes long, in the cold, and  more than 20 people waiting already in the cold. As I went for a latte across the street at Starbucks to warm myself up, suddenly there it was : the HD diner,  hidden in a old square, small, sparkly colours and all decorated in a perfect 1950 style.

If you ever wondered  what it could have been like to be on set of “Back to the future 2” with Michael J. Fox is or in “Pulp Fiction”, then this could be the very place to try it out! From the way the seats are designed, to the authentic 50’s Marilyn Monroe commercials for hair gloss in the restrooms, all reminds us of old America, with its of baseball culture, pin-ups, real milk shakes, American thick pancakes & maple syrup, burgers or hot dogs. Of course the music is taken care of, the place got it’s own HD fifties radio playing only rockabilly music.

We have tasted the brunch (9, 90 euro) served with orange juice and typical long American coffe – pancakes (2 or 6 pieces) are a side option. And we came back for diner, to check it out again. I let you see by yourself. Don’t worry if you may have to queue a tiny bit outside during the week before being taken to your table. Since the place is small they can’t let you wait inside.
Even if the food is not at the high end quality, the service is delightfully prompt, very polite and attentionate to ones needs.
HD Diner remains an absolutely lovely family friendly American experience in the centre of old Paris.

HD Diner- Back to the fifties
metro: Hôtel de Ville
Square Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie 6/8
Open daily 11h30 am – 00h00
Brunch on Sundays: 11h30 am – 17h00 pm
tel.( + 33) 01 42 77 69 34
75004 Paris


HD friends starter with onion rings, tortillas, guacamole, Mozzarella sticks & sauce BBQ - we took out the chicken fingers, for a veggie order

The Avocado burger

Little Italy burger