After a long day with work and stress, meetings, clients, children and maybe pets, you don’t feel like “let’s run to the kitchen and spend 3 hours for a gourmet dinner”. In fact you would just love to call for a pizza or a KFC menu, don’t you ? Or have a nice, warm bowl of hearthy chicken broth.
But I’m here to propose you an alternative – and it isn’t to call for a Chinese or an Indian.

As much as I love cooking, I don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen even if I became quite good in doing several things at the same time (this gives to my family the fals impression I would be kind of Shiva).

One of my favorite “quick & dirty” kind of recipe is inspired by the North Romanian cuisine. You might laugh if I told you that the idea came from a classical Romanian fairy tale ?
There is a famous story for children called “The goat with three kids”. The goat mother plans her revenge for the bad wolf and prepares this meal as a delicacy ! Alivenci in a local dialect. Even if I knew the story by heart and told it to my children a thousand times, this was something we didn’t cook home and I had no clue to what an “alivanca” might be and why the goat mother was so certain it will be irresistible and a strong argument in her invitation to the wolf.
But then I had a friend from the North-East of Romania, the same part as the fairy tale. Construction engineer, she come home late and tired and quickly prepared a delicious kind of cheese & polenta soufflé. She called it “alivanca” !
So this was it ?
Easy to make, it became soon the fetish dish and most asked evening light meal for my children.
It is very easy to prepare and very tasty – my kids would invite their friends on purpose to try it.
Even now, after so many years, my elder daughter asks me to do it whenever she comes to my place or after a long trip abroad, “to feel cosy home” as she puts it.


600 gr cottage cheese (or even a little more)
100 gr corn flour
50 gr wheat flour
4 eggs
some cream for serving

Time to prepare

Beat strong the egg whites. Bland in the yolks, and then all the other ingredients. Pour the mixture in a mold big enough to be filled only 50% (it will grow while baking).

Baking time

Bake it 30-40 minutes at 160°C. When it is nicely golden, take it out and serve it with some fresh cream. It is delicious.
It can be a lovely warm, light desert if without salt. You mixe it with one spoon of sugar and some vanilla. You can serv it with cream, or with whiped cream or with jam or red fruits.