It was a moment of grace when I met Francine.
She became over the years a member of the family. One of the things that brought us together was our common interest in Asian philosophy and culture. We loved a cup of good tea and went together to Japanese tea ceremonies in Paris.
When young, my green eyes were quite slanted so, soon, Francine gave me as a present an original short kimono. Made in thick silk, creamy white with flowers in different shades of pink, it had a golden thin silk lining inside. It was very elegant and I started using it together with my daughter in the warm season, over light dresses whenever we needed to be or feel well dressed.
I observed the pure cut and made myself a new “house” kimono in two layers – a thick cotton dress with a fine black and white patern and underneath a thin white silk one, showing at the sleeves and all around the hem.

Years later I was in Scandinavia with my actor and theatre director friends, Svein and Karen. They were back after touring with a play in Japan. Svein got there as a present a large linnen kimono with big dark blue flowers. He found the shape to large, not exactly the type he used in his daily scandinavian life, so he offered it to me. I was very, very happy to accept it and wore it over my bathing suit in the light summer evenings on the fjord. I still put it on when I’m home sitting confortably on my sofa and reading old japanese novels from the 17th century.
Obviously, the kimonos are following me !

Last Sunday, walking through a vintage sale on Cours de Vincennes with my spanish friend Bihotza, we came accros a young japanese man, Ryohei Tamura. He wore those funny socks with a toe and was selling a quite large choice of kimonos : small for children, short and long for adults, in all type of fabrics and colours. Bihotza bought one, she recently came back after a two weeks holiday trip to Japan and was happy to find such lovely dress at an excellent quality and a reasonable price.
Now she is wearing it in the warm season over her summer dress, whenever she wants to be or feel well and chic.