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Mrs Ioana Coja, known by family and friends under the code name Queen Mum, is a constant and dynamic source of inspiration and unusual adventures. When I was old enough to identify brands, I realized that she was wearing Comme des Garçons with Trussardi before it was fashionable, she used Claude Montana fragrance and was teaching art in Iordache jeans (her old students still tell me about it). All this in times when it was well seen to look like a « lady ». She wore (and still does) very little make-up, a touch of Lancôme and Chanel and almost never mascara. Yes, she does have a sixth sense about places and things that will be hot (you’ll notice that quite quickly). So it was obvious to create her own column where she has carte blanche. Personal recipes, tips, stories or photos, Granny is a fine gourmet curious and quite critic, who loves to travel and experiment. And who’s opinion does matter a lot for the ones around.

” You know, people getting older tend to forget things. The difference with me is I already had a very bad or capricious memory since I was a child. In school my history teacher let me note the years on a piece of paper before examinations, knowing that I totally learned my lessons. So I took the good habit, being an organised person, to take notes. All the times. And I learned that helped me keep in mind all many good tips about all kind of things I got with age. What will you learn here? About an active cultural life, my love for travel, my personal inventions when it comes about kitchen recipes and other things – why shouldn’t I share these with you? Of course I need and love to know your reaction to my notes. On one hand to answer to all your questions, to take care of your suggestions and on the other hand to improve my new topics. Well, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you soon! “

Ioana Coja

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