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Code Noir Style, English Please #EN

The senior cool hunter is testing a video recipe

I always loved trying on new things. So I couldn’t help myself after watching a video with a apple cake recipe who didn’t need to be prepared in the owen. This, I said to myself, is really interesting – a cake in a saucepan ? I’ll let you decide if it was a success or not, after the following photos. Here is the original recipe (thank you, Tastemade!) …and this is my result If you feel like trying this…

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Code Noir Style, English Please #EN

The senior cool hunter quick diner recipe “Alivanca”

After a long day with work and stress, meetings, clients, children and maybe pets, you don’t feel like “let’s run to the kitchen and spend 3 hours for a gourmet dinner”. In fact you would just love to call for a pizza or a KFC menu, don’t you ? Or have a nice, warm bowl of hearthy chicken broth. But I’m here to propose you an alternative – and it isn’t to call for a Chinese or an Indian. As…

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