Today is women’s day. A day for us, hard working ladies.

So I decided with a girlfriend to turn this in a fun day and play the fashionista: experience Marni at H& M in Bucharest. I’m not fan of crowds, but this is supposed to be a “girlfriends day” – after looking at the list of products online, I was thinking to get a necklace.

10h20, Baneasa mall – a classy aired bunch of brand aware ladies chassing precise accessories. Can’t call this “crowd”. Remembered the agressive crowd for Stella Mc Cartney in Paris or the press talked about how people were let in H&M by group of 20 for Jimmy Choo. This looks more like a Sathurday morning in a shopping mall. I see in the hand of a lady a white flower necklace – the one and only. All necklaces are already sold out. I grab a pair of earings, I’ll imagine that it is the necklace I desired.

At men’s departement – no soul. Paradise! Salespersons are very nice and ready to help inspite of customers throwing articles everywhere after making their choice.  A couple of chinese, surrounded by lots of shopping bags full of Marni, are trying everything like on an isolated Marni island, faraway from everything.

I choose a man printed shirt for me imagining already how I will wear it with a mini skirt and high heels. The salesman is charming, tells me after looking for petite size in all Marni variety of shirts, that there’s very few small sizes left: women came to buy it for them after the raid at the women’s department!

At the cashdesk, I hear that customers were waiting since 7h outside the store. If it is quite calm now, it wasn’t when they opened the store. Can’t believe that all this happened in just 20 minutes!

I’m surprised to see that even if most of items are made in China and prices are quite high, the quality and details are really lovely. Packaging of every accessory is nicely taken care of. All salespersons have a Marni dot print tee-shirt and, last customer service detail,  we receive a scarf with our shopping.

Conclusion of the experience? 30 minutes later at our traditional capucinno, we are quite satisfied. Our relaxed and cool 8 March was really far from the stressed and crowded moment we expected and starting a long day this way,  was energizing.  And gave me a lot of fresh and good ideas.