Monday 2nd of April – Debenhams.

I prepared for my design & style class a practical exercise with the help of Debenhams stores in Bucarest: to learn how the different family of products are structured and work together in a collection in a mass market brand.

Was very excited about it since it was the first outdoor exercise as well as the first of this kind with this class. I was curious to see how my class will react. Doing professional “shopping” as part of a future designer job is quite different from a client looking at a collection for him / herself.

The manager of the store Ana, a young and very charming lady, was warm, kind and quite curious about our exercise. She helped and shared with us informations about the designers, commercials aspects of the collections and key points proper to the sales team important to know to a designer – sizing, placement of the products, basic products.

It is lovely to meet the people behind a brand especially when they are so charming and get a real idea about their efforts – thank you Daniela Luca & Ana from Debenhams Vitan!