I read some days ago about the indian groom who recently sued his fresh wife because without make-up she didn’t look at all as the girl he married. This reminded me some make-up conversations I used to have a short while ago with girlfriends.
Well, I certainly don’t want my man to have the shock of his life while seeing me natural!

I’m often asked about make-up and beauty care French tips. It’s true that in France it’s all about skin care and not really that much about makeup. A good mascara and a chic red lipstick is most of the time the only make-up a french lady will care to use.
While in some cultures to be elegant or groomed as a woman is translated by being most of all using make-up, in France natural look and care are the key words.

I know it may sound very clichée-ish, but a healthy and glowing skin is the best feature a girl can have, thought also the most precious one. While talking make-up with a couple of Romanian girlfriends, it was a lot more about “hiding” tips: how to hide the skin, cover the cercles, the freakles, the spots and so on. Never go out without a good thick foundation if you want to be feminine and look groomed.
One of the girls, who was wearing just a red lipstick, confessed that she had to meet her actual boyfriend to stop wearing so much make up; he explained to her how pretty she is without foundation, a woman’s beauty is defined by her bare skin. When I was told her boyfriend is french, I smiled – must admit, I found she looked absolutely amazing !

I don’t think the purpose of make-up is to hide, but to underline your natural features. To help you be the best version of yourself. And I don’t think either that Groomed + Feminine = all over make-up.

I was very lucky to work with amazing make-up artists with whom of course we exchanged secrets and tips.
The best care for your skin ? Good cleaning every night before going to sleep and good hydration. May sound very simple, but we all know it is true. And it needs discipline!
After trying a lot of different products and treatments, I still want to keep things as simple and efficient as possible. I prefer having just a few beauty products I really use, instead of tons of cosmetics in my bathroom I hardly touch. And keep a routine such as never go to sleep without a clean and hydrated face, no matter how tired I am or where I am.
So here are my top 4 products I use now for years with excellent results:

– Doux Nettoyant Moussant au beurre de karité by Clarins
– Cils demasq by Gemey Maybelline
– Nivea crème, alternate with Clinique Hydration Mask

And I’m careful to sleep enough and drink a lot of water.
In summer, as my skin is very white, moody and sensitive, sunscreen is essential, even if I try to avoid the sun. My best try ? I use (again) Clarins products before and after a sun bath.

If you care sharing your products, simple tricks or your beauty routine, please feel free – I’m eager to read you 🙂

Cover photo credits Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, personal product photos