Dear all,

Starting today, I’m happy to share some useful advices with you.

Here one about how to clean silver and jewels (NOT if they have amber, pearl or coral, only silver and gold jewelry with mineral stones).
I knew since long that baking soda (soda bicarbonat) is very useful in many different ways : to heal mouth ulcers, to brush teeth, to replace the ready prepared baking powder (by blanding soda bicarbonat with lemon juice), etc.
But the miracle is how to clean jewels and silver cuttlery in a few minutes ! Instead of rubbing and scrubbing them with tooth paste (or more expensive very poluting chemical products, recomended for jewels and cuttlery), follow my quick process.
It is all about electricity and chemistry, like in a galvanisation process.
If you have a hard time polishing the pieces of silverware you own (or all the ones you got from your grandmother), here is a simple and quick tip to have it perfect in no time. And as no other silver shining method, this one takes off only the black dirt, not silver.
1. Take an aluminum foil and cover the inside of a vessel a little bigger than the size of the object (or objects) you wish to clean (for rings and other jewels, put all at once).
2. Put the silver objects inside. Once again, if you have jewels with amber, pearl or coral, do not ! They are organic and might get marked by the procedure.
3. Cover them with soda bicarbonate powder.
4. Pour over hot boiling water until it covers the object(s) with more than 2 cm.
5. Under your surprised eyes the chemical reaction takes place in a few minutes: the silver is totally clean and shining as new. But the room doesn’t smell very nice – the reaction gives off hydrogen sulfide. Open a window if you’ll clean a bigger item.
6. Take the silver object(s) out, rinse and dry it (them) with the soft cloth.
Voilà, the miracle worked ! And you are a magician.

No effort, no difficulty to clean the product from the ornaments, no time wasted !