Christmas is for me the perfect moment to install new habits. And when preparing the Christmas big house cleaning, of course I think about my cleaning tools. Nothing better than that “all is clean” feeling especially for Christmas time and the end of the year. The hous looks nice, it smells great ! As I don’t stop going back to old traditional procedures, I’ll keep you update with my latest discoveries and successful tests. What better than to have great results for less the price, improved ability while being totally environmental friendly ? After sharing with you my tips for an uploading washing machine, here you have how to clean a front loading model.

This type of machines are very energy efficient and use less detergent than top-loaders. But they need also a good clean from time to time (I do it once a month), as they might have a tendency to harbor mold and unpleasant smells. With a regular quick clean you’ll keep it fresh, which means cleaner clothes as well as a longer life to your machine.
My method is eco-friendly, as most of my tips, doesn’t use bleach, and uses cost friendly ingredients you already have on hand.
For this you’ll need:
– 2 cups white vinegar
– ¼ cup baking soda
– ¼ cup water
– 1 scrub sponge

Mix the baking soda with the water in a small bowl and pour it in the detergent container.
Pour the vinegar into the drum of the washing machine. Set your washer to normal load and the hottest water setting. Close the door and start the machine. The mixture of baking soda with the vinegar will break up all mineral deposits as well as any mold growth. It will clean and refresh your washing machine.
While the cycle goes through, clean around the opening of the machine with a clean scrub sponge, wipe clean with fresh water and dry throughly.

My next “sticky note” – how to clean your drier.

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