As a student, I used to wear very long hair. My hair is straight, but fine – you know the type when the number of hair is ok, but they are so fine that no hairdresser can make a single lock last for more than 10 minutes.
I was a little worried because, if I was very proud of it, in my family nobody had strong, healthy hair. Father (and later my brother) lost most of it before the age of 30, my mother and sister didn’t have a lot either.
As I adored mine, I began to do my best to nourish and entertain it. Surprise : now I still have a thin type of hair, but it is strong and healthy. True, I never dyied it and I will not do it. It is mainly still black, with some white strands.
And still no hairdresser can make a lock last.
I know a lady who dyed her hair all her life in a very light blond tone. After the colour was rinced away she rubbed hair and skull with olive oil, to nourish them. Then rinced her almost white hair with lemon juice. Probably this way she kept an balance, inspite of strong oxigenating chemicals and ammonia.

How about my tips ?
– do not wash your hair more than once a week.
A contradiction appears – the more often you’ll wash it, the more extra activity of the sebaceous glands you’ll provoke. These glands will get in a “mayday” state and instead of having clean, light, airy hair, you’ll obtain quickly a thin greasy one. The skin on your skull will be crisp and dry, exposed to dandruff, cells will suffocate and die faster than normal and you’ll loose hair quicker (average loss is about 100 fibres/day)
If you are at the seaside, swimming every day, use a very mild olive oil shampoo to rinse daily the salt off your hair. And treat it with a rich hairbalm.
– try a special treatment the last day of your stay : prepare in a cup 2 egg yolks. Rub them on the wet hair and skull, let it dry in the sun. Rinse it first in the sea and poor after a large cup of drinking water over it. The result is spectaculous, you’ll have incredible shinny, soft and well nourished hair.
But if you are not on holiday, remember – once a week and shampoo it only once as well. The first wash is cleaning the hair, while the second one the shampoo will only dry both hair and skull, implying killing slowly the roots. Suffocating them through a skin who lost elasticity will not do good to your hair.
If hairdressers always wash twice the hair, is because they need to deep dry the fiber for an easier and faster styling. At least always ask your hairstylist to wash your hair just once.

– if you have enough time, 4-5 hours before washing the hair, rub the skull (and hair) with your fingertips and a teaspoon of olive oil. Brush it carefully, cover your head with a warm woolen scarf and keep it until you’ll wash your hair. It will nourish the skin, clean it and give life and elasticity to your hair. I do it in the evening and sleep with the scarf on, for a perfect result.

– after rinsing the shampoo, put some balm on it (the less water your hair has, the better) and rinse it after at least 5 minutes, to let the hair take in the nutriments it need. Try to warm the balm in your hands before, hair will absorb it easier and your hair will be silky and shining.

– try to use a hairdryer as seldom as possible. It not only dries the water on your hair, but also in your hair. And if you have to do it, keep the dryer at minimum 15 cm from the hair.
I use a hairdryer maybe 4-5 times a year and usualy let my hair air dry even if it takes more time. This way I avoid agression and keep my hair supple and healthy.

My next “sticky note” – after the beauty homemade spa treatment for your hair, some food care tips for your hair

Woman in bathroom tearing her hair out