When I ended my university studies I worked in a national institution where a large library brought at our disposition many, many magazines. They taught me how to rince and keep clean the cells of the body with ca 3 litres of liquid every day (not alcoholic beverage). This way the cells (and consequently we) age slower. Much slower and in good shape.
That was my goal ! I began to measure and drink – it was not at all that easy at the beginning to reach the indicated quantity and I felt like having an enormous waterbelly. But gradually I became used to it and now if I don’t drink enough water I feel unwell.
The good part is that many years later I am still in very good health – no kidney, liver, stomach, circulation or digestion problems. And I keep drinking daily a lot of water, summer and winter. As the human body is middle value formed 65% of water, more for babies, less for elder people, we have to accept it – we are water creatures.
And a little detail : we wash with soap our dirty hands, and soap is alkaline. We should do the same thing for our inside. No, not to eat soap ! But drinking a slightly acid water (pH 6-7), wich provokes alkaline reactions in the body and a harmonious, healthy intestinal flora. Hurra ! In Paris the tap water is just perfect.

Our muscles contain 75% water while the brain has more than 82%. We need water not only to transport nutriments in the body, to rince and clean toxines in all cells, but also to move, to think, to act and react, etc … Water is thermoregulator – it is refreshing the body through sweating at summer time and is keeping the good bodyheat in winter.
If in the Middle Ages people was thinking that all diseases come to us by water and thought that to keep in a good shape they had to be dirty, now we keep healthy by washing.
With water.
But carefull ! For your skin it is essential not to use too much soap on the whole body, and not use too hot water either.
In fact we should wash regularly our face and neck only with almost cold water, summer and winter, easy to do if we want to keep that fresh, young look and sustain the blod circulation under a very delicate skin.
For the rest of the body we can take a shower every day or every second day and rubb the skin just with a washcloth. Use soap, or better shower oil, only once/twice a week. If more often, we provoke the stimulation, a disbalance of the activity of the glands of the skin and ruin it’s natural protection against infections and weather. As a result we expose ourselves to an excessive production of sweat, body odors, opening the door to skin infections, as well to get a greasy or a very dry skin, rushes, etc.

Take care and be beautiful !

Photo credits: Phoebe Rudomino, Paintevil, Maxrexdefaut