This is the kind of adress a parisien friend will tell you about, not some fancy city guide. Montmartre has its good place (mostly hidden ones) and the touristic side I mostly disagree with, as the truly adopted cranky parisien I am. What made me curious about this extraordinary place? To discover the place where Apollinaire, my dear Toulouse Lautrec or Picasso use to meet for a glass of Absinthe. Guess you haven’t heard about this spot :-))

Build in 1879, nothing has changed in this old French restaurant, owners kept the original looks and you feel like on Belle Epoque movie set. As it is also the moment I discover the “Outlander” series and Diana Gabaldon, it seemed more than ever like a very pleasant time traveling. There is a big railway station clock and old paintings on the wall, gaz lamps and of course glass ampoules of absinthe – Le Bon Bock is a small and warm place where you must taste la gratinée à l’oignon de Mamie. With a friend.

Le Bon Bock, 2 Rue Dancourt, 75018 Paris