I was always looking forward to see Chanel’s shows – their universe, imagination and sense of creativity has been inspiring and showing new levels.

However, this time I was surprised. Maybe I have a problem with airplanes and airports, this isn’t a concept of luxury or dream for me. But a show of Haute Couture presented in… the Grand Palais in Paris, transformed for the occasion in an interior of a plane ! This is far from the usual Haute Couture concept. The silhouette, quite 30’s, elegant and precious as usual, seemed strange in this set.

The special “Numéros Privés” evening and the pop-up exhibition organized by Chanel at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas last Saturday left me the same strange taste – what happened this season ? Special guests flew over to Las Vegas with jet planes especially booked by the fashion house for the event. Chanel chooses tacky Las Vegas to express the french house known for it’s refined and discret sense of luxury?
Seems as high fashion is highlighted by a touch of monumental kitsch.

Photo credits: Style.com