I first saw Golshifteh in a short video where she talked about being tomboy and totally careless about her wardrobe and clothing. I didn’t knew very much about her by that time, but she was so genuine and relaxed that you had no choice but really like her.
Later this year, while having an interview with the French designer Stéphanie Coudert (French Version), I had a big inner smile when she mentioned working with the Iranian actress on the costumes for Anna Karenina, in a French theater version of Tolstoi’s famous book. Stéphanie admired Golshifteh, and as I really like Stéphanie’s work, this was going to be a complex “admiration” loop for me. I could hardly wait to see the results Coudert + Farahani.
It is the first time Golshifteh is on stage in Europe and the first time she had to work on such long text in French. And… she did it 🙂
Now I’m waiting to see Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson, where she is in one of the leading roles, and as I like (again!) Jarmusch, seems Golshifteh is determined to keep me in her loop of charm.




Credit photo: www.billynava.com, Benni Valsson for Grazia France, Pinterest

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