The new Louis Vuitton exhibition is a complete journey back in time when it was a privilege created with art and reserved to the happy few. As travelling being at the core of the Vuitton business, the artistic journey is chronological stressed out by carefully chosen accessories from all kinds of trunks to all kind of inner design to match ones desire.
That personal touch Vuitton got in how to pamper his clients such as Sacha Guitry or Katherine Hepburn’s personal effects, is at it’s best.
In a time when traveling was an expensive hobby, such as music, arts or writing, it is fun to discover so much craftsmanship and design, as today travelling is easy and to go away for a 2 weeks doesn’t require a personal designed luggage.
Organized in themes, the exhibition takes you through the desert, next to the sea, in a automobile race with precious picnic sets, up in the sky or inside a train, in a new and surprising way. Well, we all know Vuitton is about luggages, but to offer a new perspective is a hell of a job.
At the end of the exhibition, you could enjoy a very clever “savoir faire” atelier as well as “screen tables” where you can assist how a piece of leatherwoods is being put together.
I really enjoyed the train universe, where a train cabin was recreated so that you can enjoy the inside view, while the feeling of movement was given by a screen behind th windows scrolling a beautiful landscape that made you feel moving as well.
As well as being able to see the sketches of specific luggages and their different use, such as Lauren Bacall’s one.
Do I regret not living in the 20’s or the 30’s – for sure, thought I could ask mrs. Bacall to borrow me her luggage to go see London or Deauville.