I found myself in a total writer’s block when it came to the latest Versace ‘Iconic Collection’ for H&M. I simply couldn’t write a single word apart from blog posting a picture of the outfits and their overrated prices.. Not quite being an absolute Donatella fan in the first place, her H&M collection confirmed my stance further. To my sad surprise this collection is nothing more then loud bits of random fabric put together for the very young & eager ‘one season’ fashionistas with a very low budget.

However I have always appreciated Consuelo Castiglioni’s & Marni’s work. When finally the full information about Consuelo’s collection for H&M came out, I just let my enthousiasm spread.

True to herself, Consuelo is proposing a 60’s style collection mixing in her very modern and always chic manner patterns, dots (lots of dots!) vivid colours and African prints, embellished with a quite creative range of accessories designed by her as well. The men’s outfits are beautifully tailored fabrics, cut on designs that give a pure line and shape, with a certain arty touch dear to the designer herself.

For the final “mise-en-scéne” of the collection, Sofia Coppola was chosen to give a final artistic touch. The team together with Consuelo flew all the way to Marrakech to infuse their imaginations with summer inspiration and prepare a short movie we are all eager to discover.

The Marni collection for H& M will be discovered on the 8th of March 2012.